Dizaina aģentūras Different logo melns

Web banners

We provide large-scale banner production for each JSYK campaign in JPG, GIF, HTML5 formats. We create banners for Google and other digital platforms and adapt them for the Baltic states.

Website visual materials

We create various types of visual materials for desktop and mobile versions of the website, as well as adapt the materials of each new advertising campaign to the needs of the website.

Advertising newspaper

Following the given guidelines, we create the layout of advertising newspapers and catalogues of various formats, as well as adapt them in the Lithuanian, Estonian languages.

Email outbox

We create new campaign adaptations for e-mail outboxes, including inbox.lv with integrated “call to action” buttons, with the letter containing several links and images.

Outdoor advertising

We produce outdoor advertisements, as well as provide the design of store materials (security gates, posters, price tags, stickers, advertisements for shop windows, etc.).