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Advertising banners

Web banners or advertising banners are an important type of advertising in the digital environment. The banner must be visible, easy to perceive and stimulate interest. The banner must encourage you to perform a specific action.

We make banners according to the specification of advertising networks, not only taking the size of the banner and the possibilities of technology (html5, jpg or gif) into account, but also optimising the file size.

In the everyday consumer goods market (FMCG), advertising campaign materials are evolving at a dynamic pace, and changes are frequent. Working with clients operating in such a fast-changing industry has allowed us to optimise our work. The team at “Different” creates a large number of web banners in different formats and languages every day. We are able to meet our customers’ needs and ensure the development of banners in a short time.

Banner types

JPG banner

Static and technically simple. Not all ad networks allow moving banner ads, so it is possible to create stationary JPG banners.

GIF banner

You can move objects and change images sequentially. This provides an opportunity to show more information, as well as express yourself creatively.

HTML5 banner

It is possible to provide a high level of animation. This is the most effective way to attract attention and say more.

Banner design

We create original designs, as well as adapt the customer’s design. No matter how complicated or simple the arrangement, our advertising banners attract attention and serve the purpose set by the client.

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